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The Horror Virgin

Nov 26, 2018

This is no tourist trap. It’s a new podcast. No one’s ever been down here before. Join the HV Crew as we repel into blood puddles, try to avoid creepy crawlies, and love each day with the Descent. We’re a podcast, not Tomb Raider


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Nov 19, 2018

This wasn’t a random attack. This podcast is being targeted. Join the HV Crew and special guest Lana from Music City Horrors as we celebrate Thanksgiving and try to avoid Cat Murderers with You’re Next. You never want to do anything interesting anymore.


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Nov 12, 2018

Join the HV Crew and guest as we lock ourselves into an abandoned podloft in search of the movie Grave Encounters. This is the real deal, folks. This is by far the scariest found footage movie we have ever made our Horror Virgin Todd watch. Alright everyone, if you’re ready, we are about to initiate podcast.



Nov 5, 2018

Susie HorrorVirgin decided to join the HV Crew and guest to perfect her podcast studies in the most famous school of pod in Nashville. She chose the celebrated episode of the original Susperia. But soon found out that bad luck isn’t brought by broken podcasts, but by broken Todds.


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